How to Mod Your PokerStars Client for Free

There’s no rejecting that PokerStars makes one of the most mind-blowing web-based poker clients accessible with a lot of customization yet there are continuously going to be individuals who need to make it one stride farther.

Luckily there are a few additional means you can take to give yourself a really one of a kind playing experience.

The simplest approach to totally redesign the vibe of PokerStars is to get a subject. By and large they cost cash and they will change table, cards, card backs, chips and textual styles.

They are easy to use, as you simply need to tap the establishment document. We will not actually be covering subjects in this aide however there are extraordinary networks at and where you can track down topics available to be purchased. Be careful that the greater part are Windows-as it were.

This string on TwoPlusTwo poker discussion likewise offers a great deal of data on modding PokerStars, if you can overcome the 500+ pages. In the event that you’re willing to invest a touch of energy and exertion you can change individual parts of the PokerStars client like foundations, chips and the front and back of cards. Check underneath for a breakdown of how to change different highlights of PokerStars.

In the event that you’re willing to invest a touch of energy and exertion you can change individual parts of the PokerStars client like foundations, chips and the front and back of cards.

Check beneath for a breakdown of how to change different elements of PokerStars.

Custom PokerStars Table
A note about this aide: These changes were made in OSX however the overall idea is similar in Windows. There is one change you’ll need to make in the two clients to keep away from the PokerStars programming from refreshing each time you open it and overwriting your customizations. Really look at the finish of the aide for a how-to.

Instructions to Change Your PokerSars Foundation
This one is dead basic in light of the fact that PokerStars really offers a method for doing it directly in the product. Essentially go:

At any rate you will need 800X480 goal however PokerStars upholds greater picture documents too.
Try not to pick a picture that is excessively occupied. It’s clearly abstract yet the best foundations actually let you center around the activity. Go with perfect and basic.
The most effective method to Add a Custom PokerStars Symbol
Utilizing a custom symbol, such as utilizing a client symbol, is exceptionally simple because of help from PokerStars in the client.

Note: You’ll need to trust that the picture will go through PokerStars’ confirmation, which can require as long as five days.

Seitz333 chips

Step by step instructions to Add a Custom Chip Set on PokerStars
This is where things get a touch more troublesome.

Seitz333 chips
You just approach the default chip set through PokerStars programming however you can supplant those picture records to give your chips an interesting look (If you need to return to the default look, simply update your product).

You can purchase sets on locales like however you can likewise track down free ones on TwoPlusTwo Poker Gathering. It’s likewise worth difficult Google.

There are a few astonishing sets out there that seem to be the genuine Aria or WSOP chips.

Instructions to Include Custom Cards PokerStars
You can change both card fronts and card moves in the PokerStars client.
Test custom PokerStars card fronts.
You can choose many tones for moves in PokerStars yet you just approach four distinct decks. You can have dark fronts with fluorescent hued pips or monster numbers.

The blends are practically unending. When you download another arrangement of cards they ought to have individual headings to introduce however it ought to be like this cycle.

The most effective method to Hold PokerStars back from Overwriting Your Mods
In Windows it’s straightforward, as you simply need to get to the PokerStars.exe, which will sidestep the update send off.

It’s a smidgen more muddled involving OSX as you really need to change some code. Go to finder>go>go to folder> search ~/Library>preferences> click com.pokerstars.user.ini. At the actual top of the text archive duplicate/glue the follow text:






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