How to Build a Poker Table for Under $300

Presentation on Building Your Own Poker Table
On the off chance that you’ve at any point been on the lookout for a top notch poker table you’re very much aware the expense for even an essential set-up can run you $1,500+. For something modified to your home/space or something really show-halting, you’re checking out at two times that or more. However, it doesn’t need to be like that. Visitor blogger Jeff Kuronen has assembled a full bit by bit guide on building your own poker table solely for including pictures for each step and itemized computer aided design plans. We believe it’s the ideal DIY answer for building an extraordinary poker table for under $300 – and in a sensible measure of time. Whenever you’re finished, you’re good to go to have the week after week game you’ve for a long time truly needed to. For tips on running the ideal home game, check our total 12-section guide here.

Origin story to How I Got everything rolling
After continually consuming modest playing a game of cards while playing poker with my companions I chose to put resources into a few plastic cards at long last.

While scouring the web for new cards I went over an extraordinary nearby webpage selling poker supplies. They offer all that from cards to poker tables and building supplies, and it didn’t take long for my hunt to go from cards to on the most proficient method to construct a poker table.

I immediately figured out that a greater poker table would cost $1,500 or more. The poker table size, at 3.5′ x 8′, was never going to fit in my little cellar and I was unable to legitimize spending that much.

So I chose to fabricate one myself. The last elements of this Do-It-Yourself poker table are 4′ x 6′ and it seats eight individuals easily. Around 25 hours and $300 were spent structure it.

partypoker-millions-online-usd-reward offer-1100×250
What You Want to Fabricate Your Own Poker Table
Instructions to construct a poker table is very basic activity however you really do require the right materials for itself and some spesific devices which make the general interaction simpler.


3-5/8″ Opening Saw (You can substitute this with a Dremel and an opening dance as a less expensive choice)
4″ Opening Saw (discretionary)
Opening Saw Boring apparatus
Belt Sander or Palm Sander
Long Nose Pincers
Level for following lines
Exacto Blade
Screw Driver
Substantial Stapler
Home Stop:

(2) 4’x8’x 5/8″ Sheets of pressed wood (or contingent upon the poker table aspects)
Wood Screws
Wood Paste
(8) ¼”- 20 T-Nuts
(8) ¼”- 20 x 2″ Lg. Machine Bolts
(8) ¼” Washers
Wood Color
Crease away legs
Bunch of 1000 Staples
Straight Poker Supplies (

(8) Enormous Cup Holders
Copag First class Playing A card game (discretionary – enthusiastically suggested)
Your Auto Trim (

(3 yds) Murmur Vinyl
(3 yds) Poker Speed Material (for top notch poker table top)
Froth Via Mail (

(6 Ft) 2Lb Charcoal Volara Froth, ¼” x 60″
(1 Sheet) Lux Ordinary Froth, 82″x76″x1″
100 percent up to $600
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Watch the video underneath to perceive how to construct a poker table and continue to peruse the post for the full worked out, bit by bit directions from the video:

Instructions to Fabricate Your Poker Table
In the first place, I followed out every one of the cut lines on the two sheets of pressed wood.

After the entirety of my cut lines were spread out, I made a dance out of a piece wood to direct my jigsaw in an ideal circle through the round cuts.

This interaction went horrendously. Try not to endeavor exactly the same thing.

Subsequent to playing with it for about an hour I had to concede rout. I had some time off and played web-based poker prior to proceeding.

I wound up going actually leisurely with the jigsaw the hard way and afterward sanding the edges smooth with a belt sander. While building a custom poker table, a ton of flaws will be concealed by the thick froth layer so it doesn’t need to be great.

Here is an image of the initial not many completed compressed wood pieces. These three pieces were undeniably cut from a solitary pressed wood sheet.

The subsequent stage is sticking and screwing all the rail sorts out, making a point to try not to place fastens places where the future cup holders will go.

Screw from the base surface of the rail – the custom poker table top surface ought to be basically as steady and smooth as could be expected. Use wood filler in the event that there are any openings from hitches.

There are three layers of pressed wood in this plan to give the rail additional level. The initial two collected layers are displayed here topsy turvy – the top surface ought to be the single compressed wood piece.

Here is the base view with the third, more slender layer joined.

The base layer is utilized to situate the rail on the playing surface.

Then, the two oval pressed wood sheets are stuck and screwed together and the overlap out legs are added.

If you have any desire to smudge the underside of the table, you ought to get it done prior to connecting the legs. I didn’t stain mine in light of the fact that the vast majority won’t see the base.

If you have any desire to be a piece fancier introduce wooden legs all things considered. I for one required the conveyability and this completed table weighs generally 80lbs. Here is a brief glance at the harsh gathering:

DIYPokerTable13 1
Clasp the harsh gathering together to penetrate the openings for the T-nuts. This is done with the goal that the rail can be eliminated for cleaning or in the event that something should be supplanted (possibly the poker speed material).

Utilize a sledge to make the T-insane into the rail surface. This should be flush; any other way you might have knocks under your rail.

DIYpokertable13 2
When the T-nuts are introduced, attach the gathered rail to the playing surface utilizing the eight machine fasteners combined with the washers.

Drill the 3-5/8″ openings for the cup holders while the table is secured in this gathering.

Here is a view from the base with the openings cut out:

Presently the simple aspect is done and now is the ideal time to add froth and upholster the rail. Eliminate the rail get together from the table.

Lay the 1″ froth on the ground, shower the highest point of the rail with splash glue and set the rail on the froth making a point to leave sufficient space so you can fold the froth over the rail.

Leave it like this for an hour with a couple of weighty articles on top. Make an unpleasant slices in the froth to make it functional.

Utilize the shower glue again on the sides of the rail and wrap it like shown. You might need to brace the straight sides utilizing a piece of wood to hold it while it dries.

Do likewise for the outside and afterward trim the abundance froth.

You might need to re-apply shower glue at least a few times since it might strip off the rail in a couple of spots.

Remove the froth where the cup holders will be set. Utilize a sharp blade.

Next up is the vinyl. Begin by stapling one straight edge.

You will require a great deal of staples for this step; most likely around 400-500.

Your hands might sting for a couple of days subsequently from all the stapling however it is certainly worth the work.

You can see that the vinyl isn’t sufficiently long to go to the opposite side in the image above.

This might appear to be an issue from the outset yet you should extend the vinyl energetically to get it as far as possible around the opposite side.

You might believe a companion should assist you with that to make it more straightforward.

After you staple the straight edges you want to staple the round edges. Begin stapling at the center of the bend.

Ensure you stretch the vinyl to make it as close as possible. Each new staple ought to be set in the biggest unstapled area until you feel as though you have everything gotten.

This will undoubtedly expect staples to be exceptionally near one another. This is extremely tedious and you will believe a few forceps and a screwdriver should eliminate staples when segments don’t look right.

Cheer up here. Take as much time as is needed with this since this is the main move toward make your table look perfect.

The vinyl will unavoidably bundle up somewhat here yet most ought to be concealed under the table.

The subsequent stage is to cut the focal point of the vinyl like is displayed in the image beneath.

Try not to slice excessively near the edges right away.

You can continuously cut more if necessary as you try out this cycle.

Begin stapling the straight area first and afterward work on the bended parts straightaway.

Make sure to continuously pull exceptionally hard while stapling.

Like previously, on the bended segment, each staple ought to be put in the biggest unstapled area until you feel as though you have everything gotten.

Presently it’s the ideal opportunity for the most frightening piece of the gig – cutting the openings for the cup holders.

DIYpokertable22 1
Watch out. Cut an “X” shape in the openings.

Begin little as you can constantly make the cuts bigger later. Try out the openings utilizing the cup holders.

In the event that it goes in cozily, you’ve gotten everything done well.

DIYpokertable22 2
In spite of the fact that it’s not displayed here and is a discretionary step, there are meager wood rings that were cut utilizing the 3-5/8″ and 4″ opening saws gathered into one spot on the opening saw bore.

This wood ring assists support the cup holder and keep it with evening out when a weighty beverage is set in it.

Put the wood rings into the rail under the vinyl prior to setting up the cup holders. They ought to slip into the “X” cuts without any problem.

The hardest piece of the poker table plans is currently wrapped up! It’s all simple from now on.

On to the playing surface. Splash the table top with the glue and focus the ¼” froth.

You certainly need this froth – don’t hold back here as it adds some give in your table surface that will make playing more agreeable.

When the froth is appended, cut the abundance material off.

Next you really want to staple the speed fabric over the table. Focus the material over the table.

Staple the edges and the cup holder patterns to get the material.

Trim the abundance material around the edges and inside the cup holder patterns.

Append the rail to the playing surface utilizing the eight machin






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