Great Poker Rivalries: Daniel Negreanu vs. Annie Duke

There are incalculable dear slot free credit no bank account kinships that have been manufactured over the poker table however nothing intrigues individuals in excess of a run of the mill fight. There’s an explanation that Phil Hellmuth chiding Shawn Sheikhan and Tony G advising Ralph Perry to get on his bicycle are two of the most well known poker cuts on the Web. In view of that there is one poker contention that has traversed north of 10 years and gotten out and out dreadful at specific places. We’re discussing the apparently ceaseless disagreement between Daniel Negreanu and Annie Duke.

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There are not many continuous struggles between poker players that have gotten as noxious and gone on as long as the one between Youngster Poker and the previous VIP Disciple hopeful.

Albeit the fight has quieted down throughout the long term, it appears to be far-fetched that either player will send Christmas cards to the next.

Here are a portion of the features, or perhaps lowlights, from the very long term fight among Negreanu and Duke.

Negreanu versus Duke: A Fight is Conceived
1990s: First Contact
Back in the last part of the ’90s Daniel Negreanu was making his most memorable excursions to Las Vegas with an end goal to make it as an expert poker player.

Throughout that time Negreanu was a functioning individual from the local area, which included well known individuals like Chris “Jesus” Ferguson and Howard Lederer.

In 1999 Negreanu made a post that recorded the 10 best Cutoff players on the planet in view of his involvement with the $500/$1,000 game at Bellagio.

It was apparently the hardest game on the planet by then and Negreanu recorded Annie Duke as the 6th best player in the game and was very free of her game at that point.

Sept. 9-18, 2002: Shots Are Discharged
Negreanu begins making obscure allegations on about an “specialist” that behaves like a domineering jerk in the Bellagio game.

At first the remarks are about an unknown individual yet Negreanu later beginnings adding “she” into the string.

Howard Lederer, an individual from the local area and sibling to Annie Duke, acknowledges who Negreanu is alluding to.

Howard Lederer
September 27, 2002: Older sibling Steps in
Later in the month Lederer presented an open letter on Negreanu blaming him for pursuing a public slanderous attack against Duke

Lederer zeroed in on the accompanying issues:

Negreanu continually alluding to Annie Duke as “Annie Vomit” when she’s not at the table
Negreanu’s “fixation” and clear predisposition for Jennifer Harman over Duke concerning fruitful female poker players
Negreanu’s “frantic” need for public acknowledgment
Lederer likewise asserted that Negreanu referred to Duke as “digusting” and ridiculed her closet.
Lederer completed the letter by saying believes that needs nothing should do with the Canadian genius except if he’s attempting to bust him at the poker table.

Sept. 28, 2002: You Wouldn’t Really care for Youngster Poker When He’s Irate
The following day Negreanu posted a reaction, and any reasonable person would agree he was extremely unsettled when he composed it.

Negreanu got out and out awful as he said that Duke made a special effort to disparage him from the second he met her when he was 22 years of age at the 4 Sovereigns.

As indicated by Negreanu, Duke alluded to him as “cupboy” because of his propensity for continuously having a Styrofoam water cup at the table and much of the time censured his play.

Daniel Negreanu
Negreanu considered Duke a “terrible individual” and kept up with there were various players that felt the same way.

The post hit a low when Negreanu blamed Duke for continuously wearing similar messy garments without any shoes in the club.

At a certain point he even said that nobody needed to sit in $2,000 seat that has “peed foot sweat splashed into it.”

He additionally said that she had been hurting numerous players for quite a long time and it was time somebody expressed something about it.

Feb. 19, 2003: “Annie Duke is a loser.”
A couple of months after the fact Negreanu would once more post on RGP about the different reasons he thinks Annie Duke is a loser. He isolated the post into seven places:

He blames her for point shooting in Stud-8-or-Better games by not parting the pot when she said she was going to.
He says she constantly takes a gander because of players close to her and once swore on her children that she didn’t look when she had, as a matter of fact, seen the cards.
Negreanu alluded to a three-gave satellite to the WSOP Headliner where she got a rival’s cards from the garbage and checked them out. She evidently said “Simply checking” and tossed the cards once more into the filth.
Negreanu blames Duke for seeing his opening cards during a $300/$600 blend game.
As indicated by Negreanu, Duke used to take other player’s seats.
In the 1999 WSOP Headliner Negreanu guaranteed Duke was engaged with a hand where another player made a string bet. One more player at the table, Steve Kaufman, who wasn’t engaged with the hand made the seller mindful of the string bet. Duke lost it on Kaufman and said “This is the most terrible thing that has at any point happened to me in a competition.”
Negreanu discussed how Duke treated him when they initially met at the 4 Sovereigns.
Negreanu completed the post by saying several years after the fact he had begun to win competitions and out of nowhere she was pleasant to him.

At last he was sorry to his companions who are likewise companions with Duke for the abnormal position he has placed them in.

2003-2005: The Teacher and Youngster Poker Make Up
It’s not precisely clear when it worked out however evidently Lederer and Negreanu fixed things up enough they can endure each other at various poker tables all over the planet.

Negreanu actually appears to have a few unmistakable inclinations toward Duke, nonetheless.

Annie Duke
Jan. 15, 2005: Indeed, this is Embarassing
The previously mentioned rec.gambling presents started on course on the TwoPlusTwo poker gathering and Negreanu posts a blog that says the posts were “dreadful” and he was “humiliated” by them.

Negreanu proceeds to say that he generally expresses his genuine thoughts however it’s not up to him to pass judgment on others.

He doesn’t venture to such an extreme as to say he really lamented making the posts yet said that they humiliated him.

Sept 8, 2005: You Can Find out About it in My Book
The personal history Annie Duke: How I Raised, Collapsed, Feigned, Was a tease, Reviled, and Won Millions at the Worldwide championship of Poker is delivered and a little part talks about Negreanu.

She alludes to him as her “online abuser.”

All through their whole fight Duke seldom publically recognized’s areas of strength for Negreanu for her.

July, 2010: Hi Neighbor!
Negreanu and Duke are situated right close to one another in the Competition of Champions at the WSOP.

In spite of the vicinity and media consideration, nothing of result occurs. Two or after three weeks nonetheless…

Daniel Negreanu
August, 2010: Did You Simply Utilize the “C” Word?
In a meeting with Negreanu purportedly considered Duke a c@#$ for disparaging the Women Occasion.

Duke would later agree that she was stunned by the language and composed an open letter to Negreanu’s web-based support, PokerStars, requesting a censure.

PokerStars answered by saying they don’t uphold the utilization of overly critical or terrible language of all time.

In the end Negreanu would agree that that he assumed he was talking in private to the author of the article and apologized to all ladies who were irritated.

He never apologized straightforwardly to Duke, be that as it may.

Walk, 2011: I Could do without UB, Won’t ever have
All through the last part of the 2000s Negreanu is likewise extremely candid in his scorn for UB Poker, a site where Duke was vigorously involved as an individual from Group UB and as the UB Cardroom Specialist.

UB was discolored when a super-client was found to have tricked players out of a huge number of dollars.

Duke at last left the site in mid 2011.

Aug. 11, 2011: Your New Visit Sucks
Negreanu composes a blog entry named “Why I Don’t Play the EPL” that impacts Duke’s most current endeavor – the Legendary Poker Association.

Negreanu specifies he doesn’t figure the visit will be a triumph without a genuine wellspring of income.

Beyond online poker being legitimized in the U.S. what’s more, the Legendary Poker Association beginning a poker site, Negreanu says he can’t see a way for the visit to be productive.

He additionally makes reference to the absence of large name old fashioned players like Phil Ivey, Chris Gold mine, Scotty Nguyen and Doyle Brunson that will truly hurt any opportunity the visit needs to succeed.

Duke is the chief of the association and presently can’t seem to answer any of Negreanu’s new analysis, despite the fact that she has referenced on various events that the association has a few exceptionally rich and serious financial backers.






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